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Inspiration by the people and the German city Schwerin.

For al long time (1984) I visited the people and the city Schwerin. In different pages You can follows my visits to:

The history see: Petrus church 804

The exhibition of my work in the Domchurch 007

Altijd weer een muur? File:muur.odt On this page I want to show something about the visits.

Schwerin city.

MVCweb -7008L.JPGMVCweb -7005L.JPG


MVCweb-6008L.JPG 024 web Schwerin Kein Welzin.JPG

Petrus church / Dom church


My favorit object in Schwerin

Deur Schwerinweb DL.jpg E2 Deur met plant Schwerin (DL) 1.5 2005 foto 40x60.jpg

My most selled potographs

A Tulp fur Freunde 2002 3.10 web foto 40x60 .jpg8 orangerie1schwerin psk20030831.GIF

My friend Thomas and his son Lucas

20090222web Thomas en Lucas Oertel.JPG

Thomas and Dorothea s houses in Klein Welzin near Schwerin

024 web Schwerin Kein Welzin Thomas en Dorothea.JPG024 web Schwerin Kein Welzin Thomas en Dorothea 2.JPG (the gardenhouse where we oft stayed)

024 web Schwerin Kein Welzin Thomas en Dorothea th .JPG024 web Schwerin Kein Welzin huisje.JPG